zettbe: das magazin zum jazzfest bonn 2022

headware Konzepte, Bilder und Texte für Ihre Kommunikation. www.headware.de Marketing-Beratung Konzept-Entwicklung Corporate Identity Corporate Publishing Werbung Public Relations Art Direction Typographie Copywriting Print Websites Social Media Strategie Ein Moment der Feiheit von: Kadri Voorand My personal moment of freedom is mostly connected to my ancestors, at times when I feel the spirit of my great great and more great grandmothers and grandfathers. It can take place anywhere, but most likely at the grounds of the places where they lived and loved and in nature. Walking alone through the forest without any track or skiing on the ice of the sea, I feel something that I would call wild beauty, it sometimes comes to me in melodies, sometimes in words, but most of all in a feeling of playfulness. In that moment I feel safe, loved and powerful in my heart and body. When I am far away from home, then singing or playing old folk songs that I know since childhood lights up the spirit and I feel freedom flowing into my system. Kadri Voorand ist mit den Estonian Voices am 12. Mai im Volksbank-Haus zu hören. -Anzeige44