Requirements for Participation in the Competition JazzBeet 2020

Jazz meets Beethoven –


§ 1
The international competition JazzBeet is organized by Jazzfest Bonn – gemeinnützige Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Jazz-Musik UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (Jazzfest Bonn). The competition is part of the Beethoven anniversary celebrations, BTHVN2020, and is sponsored by the Beethoven Jubiläumsgesellschaft gGmbH.


§ 2

Elements of the Competition

  • For “JazzBeet”, young musicians should present a new composition of their own (not merely an interpretation) that is related to a work by Beethoven and which characterizes in a unique way the revolutionary creativity of this world-famous composer. In January 2020, the jury will name 3 works by Beethoven from which the participants may choose 1 upon which to base their new composition, which should have a duration of at least 5 minutes. Each group should be prepared to present a program in Bonn if chosen as the winner of the competition.
  • In Bonn, each trio will be given approximately 2 hours of rehearsal time.
  • In a public concert, every trio will present its new composition to the jury, along with other pieces in a program with a maximum duration of thirty (30) minutes.
  • After these initial competition concerts, the jury will declare a winner. On 30 May 2020, the winning trio will perform a program as part of a concert presented by Jazzfest Bonn.
  • Between 26 and 30 May 2020, the participating musicians will take part in workshops directed by experienced coaches and teachers.


 § 3

Competition Dates

  • The competition will be announced on 15 September 2019. Applications must be received by 31 December 2019.
  • The competition itself will begin on 26 May 2020 (arrival day) and will end on 31 May 2020 (departure day). During this period, participants who have been selected and invited by our jury must be present in Bonn with the instrumentation and personnel described in the application, and must participate in the workshops, etc. offered by the organizers.

§ 4

Requirements for Participation

  • The competition is open to trios made up of students from jazz programs at international music schools and universities, as well as young professionals. The invitation to this competition is directed at young musicians seeking an international career.
  • The competition is open to musicians from all nations who were born on or after 1 January 1991.
  • A completed application must be submitted in order to be considered for the competition.
  • Existing trio formations from all styles and directions of jazz are eligible to apply.


§ 5

  • Applications to participate in the competition must be submitted digitally to The necessary forms can be found at
  • The application should include:
    1. Application form
    2. Copy of passport or personal ID for all trio members
    3. Curriculum vitae in prose form (suitable for printing)
    4. Links to previous performances (ideally on YouTube) or other video attachment for preliminary screening
    5. For students, a letter of recommendation from a teacher is desirable
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


§ 6

  • A jury with 3 to 5 members will determine admittance to the competition. From all applications received, six trios will be selected and invited to Bonn.
  • All applicants will be informed of the jury’s decisions after 15 March 2020.
  • The jury’s decisions are final and legally binding; no explanations will be provided.
  • Applicants who are invited as finalists to Bonn will receive a written confirmation. Applicants from countries outside the EU may use this confirmation to apply for an entrance visa if necessary.


§ 7
Travel Costs and Personal Expenses

  • Participation in the competition is free of charge.
  • Expenses incurred in the preparation of the music and materials for the application process (Internet connection, notation program, etc.) must be covered by the applicants themselves and will not be reimbursed.
  • Participants’ lodging for the duration of the competition will be booked and paid for by Jazzfest Bonn.
  • Participants must make their own travel arrangements to Bonn. Jazzfest Bonn will, however, reimburse expenses up to Euro 250 per person for internal European travel and Euro 500 per person for intercontinental travel after the supporting documents of travel expenses incurred have been submitted. Expenses exceeding these amounts must be approved in advance by Jazzfest Bonn.
  • Participants traveling with their own vehicle will receive the standard mileage reimbursement mandated by German law.
  • Participants will receive a per diem allowance from Jazzfest Bonn of Euro 24 per day and person.


§ 8


  • Each trio invited will have the opportunity to perform in concert for up to 30 minutes as part of Jazzfest Bonn’s JazzBeet competition. After these initial competition concerts, the jury will declare the winner of the competition.
  • Every trio will receive a prize determined by the jury.
  • First Prize: Euro 5.000,- and a concert appearance as part of Jazzfest 2020
  • Second Prize: Euro 4.000,-
  • Third Prize: Euro 3.000,-
  • Fourth through sixth prizes: Euro 1.000,-
  • The concert appearances as part of the JazzBeet competition will be documented by Jazzfest Bonn.
  • The winners will be notified personally, by telephone, or by email.
  • Participation in the rehearsals, workshops, etc. in Bonn is mandatory in order to be eligible for the cash prizes.
  • Awards may not be delegated to third parties.


§ 9

Media Rights

  • The workshops, rehearsals, and concerts of the competition in Bonn will be recorded. These recordings may be broadcast and made available to the public for an unlimited amount of time on radio, television, digital media, or social networks, complete and/or in part, live, delayed, or on demand, independent of the type of receiving device. Other broadcasters in or outside Germany may use these recordings, including the awards concerts, live or delayed. Further uses, particularly for broadcast or public access, are possible (complete and/or in part) irrespective of time or place.
  • The organizers reserve the right to use excerpts from the competition or the awards concerts for a CD and/or DVD with the purpose of publicizing the prizewinners and documenting the competition.
  • The organizers also reserve the right to use (or allow third parties to use) the material from the competition for commercial or non-commercial purposes and to distribute (or allow third parties to distribute) said material in audio and/or audiovisual form, on analog and/or digital audio/visual/audiovisual storage media including platforms, regardless of format or technique.
  • By submitting the application material to the competition, the prizewinners consent to these conditions and to the transfer of copyright as described above. The prizewinners have no claim to further compensation.


§ 10

  • The names and addresses of participants will be used and stored solely for organizational purposes related to the competition. The organizers explicitly promise not to use this information for advertising purposes.
  • The participants selected by the jury will be named on the website and in other publications of Jazzfest Bonn.
  • The name of the competition winner will be publicized by Jazzfest Bonn and included in the advertising for the final concert.


§ 11

By applying to the competition, participants affirm that no copyright claims of third parties will be violated by the publication of names and individual audio segments. If copyright infringements nevertheless occur as the result of public performance, the participants release the organizers from all third-party claims resulting from the violation of such rights and from all related legal fees.


§ 12
Disqualification From the Competition
Jazzfest Bonn reserves the right to disqualify participants for violations of competition rules as well as for deliberately unreliable or untrustworthy behavior. Prizes may also be rescinded retroactively.


§ 13
Premature Termination of the Competition

  • Jazzfest Bonn reserves the right to cancel or terminate the competition at any time, particularly if the competition cannot take place in an orderly manner for technical or legal reasons. Should such a termination be the result of the actions of a participant, Jazzfest
  • can demand compensation for the resulting damages from this person.
  • In case of a cancellation or termination of the competition, Jazzfest Bonn will reimburse participants for travel expenses already booked.


§ 14
Liability and Insurance
Jazzfest Bonn ensures usual insurance coverage for the event. Any instruments brought along by the artists are not included in the insurance policy taken out by Jazzfest Bonn.


§ 15
By taking part in the competition, applicants consent to these conditions of participation.


§ 16
Legal Recourse
These conditions are not subject to legal recourse. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply. Should any of these conditions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions shall remain unaffected.



15. September 2019