About Jazzfest Bonn

Jazzfest Bonn presents contemporary creative jazz. It closes a gap in high culture, enriching the city of Bonn in its modern development as a city of science, city of the United Nations and as a site for companies operating worldwide. Jazzfest Bonn is a charitable organization for the promotion of jazz music. Its aim is to show the audience the high quality of regional and national jazz musicians next to international stars. Besides the great pleasure of listening to well-known musicians there are also always new talents to be discovered – and often it is just that what the audience especially appreciates. With its venues such as Bundeskunsthalle, Post Tower, Brotfabrik or Haus der Geschichte Jazzfest Bonn incorporates important sites in Bonn. The city plays a essential role in the choice of venues. Selected musicians and formations present their music in venues which suit their music best. It is the aim of Jazzfest Bonn to make the festival and Bonn an important site for jazz nationally and internationally. With its programme, PR and the reactions of press, radio and TV it is well on the way in achieving its aims.

Artist having performed so far

The founder of Jazzfest Bonn: Peter Materna