This is jazz with no frills or gimmicks and no electronics. With his quartet, Denis Gäbel follows the compass of his own musical passions. Gäbel, a Westphalian tenor saxophone player who lives in Cologne, is the younger brother of German entertainer Tom Gäbel. Now 40 years old, Denis has long had a reputation as an artist deeply rooted in the history of his instrument, from Coleman Hawkins to Sonny Rollins and Joe Henderson. Now he is writing another chapter in this history – that is what jazz is all about.


Denis Gäbel – Saxophon

Sebastian Sternal – Klavier

Reuben Rogers – Bass

Clarence Penn – Schlagzeug


Karten für das Doppelkonzert:
25 €, red. 17 € zzgl. VVK-Gebühren

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