(Universität Bonn | 30.4.2016)


fatsO was founded by the multi-talented Colombian artist Daniel Restrepo. He composes and arranges the music, plays double bass, and sings with a grating voice that can melt hearts. The sound of this band from Bogota is a fresh and convincing mix of jazz, blues, soul, rock, and South American folk music. In 2013, the band made their live debut at Bogota’s Jazz in the Park festival, and first played in Europe at Jazzahead 2015. The band’s first album, previously available only in South America, was released worldwide by Jazzhaus Records in late March, 2016. Come and let this music transport you to far-away places!


Daniel Restrepo – Leader, vocal, Double Bass & Baby Bass

Julio Panadero – Clarinet & Transverse Flute

Daniel Bahamon – Alto Saxophone

Pablo Beltran – Tenor Saxophone

Daniel Linero – Alto Saxophone & Clarinet

Cesar Morales – Drums


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