(Bundeskunsthalle | 13.5.2015)

New band, new sound, new philosophy: for his new album, trumpeter Frederik Köster indeed seems to have ‘transformed’ himself to a degree. Kafka’s novel named ‘The Metamorphosis’ or ‘The Transformation’ has inspired the musician from Cologne for this project. However, the music also contains literary references to Allen Ginsberg and Haruki Murakami. Even more so, this realignment of Köster seems to be of a structural and tonal nature: he has found a new clarity of expression for himself. Playful moments dominate this music, as if the quartet wanted to interfuse each other repeatedly anew and not allow anyone to push them into a conceptual pigeonhole. Transformation meets the nature of jazz in its original sense: seeing where to journey goes in the moment of its creation. Always unique, always in the here and now.

Playful trumpet sound with plenty of room for spontaneous creations


Frederik Köster – trumpet

Sebastian Sternal – piano

Joscha Oetzbass

Jonas Burgwinkel – drums


Ticket prices for the double concert Marilyn Mazur’s Celestial Circle / Frederik Köster – Die Verwandlung: 33,- € reduced 25,- € plus fees



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