(Universität Bonn | 1.5.2016)


If international music critics were asked to name their favorite group, a very large number would choose Girls in Airports. Girls in Airports is very much a collective endeavor. The stories told in the group’s music, which is informed by as many musical influences as there are band members, are varied and colorful and unique. Ranging from euphoria to melancholy, Girls in Airports’ music has an intensely emotional and very personal effect on both the band and the listeners. The soundscapes have an atmospheric ambience, with the counterpoint of percussion and the two sax voices creating a cinematic sense of tension. The group’s new album, Fables, demands repeated listenings: its treasures are not immediately obvious. They are not scattered on the surface, but require an intensity of listening that matches the intensity of the music making. As with a good fable, the truth is worth digging for.



Martin Stender – saxophone

Lars Greve – saxophone, clarinet

Mathias Holm – keyboards

Victor Dybbroe – percussion

Mads Forsby – drums


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