Saxophonist Roger Hanschel from Cologne is one of the hidden champions of the German music scene. A virtuoso player, he is a member of the Kölner Saxophon Mafia. Though his home is in jazz and improvised music, he has never been content to stay within the secure confines of contemporary jazz. It has been almost twenty years since he first toured with the Auryn String Quartet, a group that seeks to expand the range of classical chamber music with innovative contemporary perspectives.

Roger Hanschel – Saxophon


Matthias Lingenfelder – Violine

Jens Oppermann – Violine

Stewart Eaton – Viola

Andreas Arndt – Violoncello


Karten für das Doppelkonzert:

Kategorie A: 40 €, red. 28 €

Kategorie B: 32 €, red. 22 €

Kategorie C: 24 €, red. 16 € zzgl. VVK-Gebühren

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