(Universität | May 26, 2019)

An octet is an unusual formation in jazz circles, but it is the perfect vehicle for the delicate sound painting of pianist Julia Hülsmann. When three voices and two different trios come together, the result is mesmerizing. This international group of artists displays the passion with which Julia Hülsmann’s music grows out of the human voice. This is music of sublime depth and breadth, as well as great intelligence.

Julia Hülsmann – piano
Live Maria Roggen – vocals
Aline Frazão – vocals
Michael Schiefel – vocals
Susanne Paul – cello
Héloïse Lefebvre – violin
Eva Kruse – bass
Eva Klesse – drums

Tickets for the double concert of Julia Hülsmann Oktett and Yellowjackets:
Kategorie A: 40 €, red. 28 €
Kategorie B: 32 €, red. 23 €
plus pre-selling fees

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