(Telekom Forum | May 12, 2017)

Funky, laid-back, relaxed, and cool: Jazzkantine offers up party music combining jazz, soul, and German rap. In Bonn, this band from Braunschweig will present their program Old’s Cool that recalls the music of the 1990s.

Cappuccino aka Captain Cappu – rap
Tachion aka T-Rex – rap
Christian Eitner aka Grandmaster Chriz – bass
Tom Bennecke aka aTOMic Bee – guitar
Andy Lindner aka AL Funky – drums
Christian Winninghoff aka Win C Jones – trumpet
Heiner Schmitz aka Smith The Cat – saxophone
Stephan Grawe aka Chief Steve – keyboard
Air-Knee aka Cutmaster Knee – DJ
Nora Becker aka Kinga Lizz – vocals



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