The infectious enthusiasm and vibrant energy of the Jazzrausch Bigband always guarantee an exhilarating concert experience. In their new program, Beethoven’s Breakdown, the 15 young musicians led by composer Leonhard Kuhn and bandleader Roman Sladek will produce a breathtaking web of techno grooves, orchestral clouds of sound, and complex jazz improvisations inspired by Beethoven’s music. From tender moments of calm to thunderous explosions, the great composer’s famous works will be deconstructed and investigated in a spirit of admiring curiosity: Jazz Rush!

Leonhard Kuhn – Komponist und Arrangeur

Roman Sladek – Bandleader, Produzent


Dieses Konzert ist unbestuhlt.

Karten für das Abschlusskonzert:
35 €, red. 24 € zzgl. VVK-Gebühren

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