(Oper | May 24, 2019)

This band will bring you to your feet! JRBB is a professional ensemble from Munich that moves between the worlds of techno and big band. As the world’s first and only resident big band of a techno club (Harry Klein in Munich), they have an unrivalled ability to mix creative experimentation with the high standards of urban nightlife. Pure musical ecstasy, guaranteed to make you want to dance!

Frederik Mademann – saxophone
Raphael Huber – saxophone
Moritz Stahl – saxophone
Florian Leuschner –  saxophone, clarinet
Angela Avetisyan – trumpet
Julius Braun – trumpet
Jutta Keeß – tuba
Roman Sladek – trombone
Carsten Fuss – trombone
Kevin Welch – keys, vocals
Heinrich Wulff –  guitar
Maximilian Hirning –  bass
Leonhard Kuhn – electronics, composition

Tickets for the double concert of Manu Katché and Jazzrausch Bigband:
Kategorie A: 45 €, red. 32 €
Kategorie B: 38 €, red. 27 €
Kategorie C: 30 €, red. 21 €
plus pre-sellling fees


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