Millions of people know Klaus Doldinger’s music, even if they are not familiar with his name. Many of his more than 2,000 compositions have made history, such as his music for Wolfgang Petersen’s film Das Boot and the theme song for the Tatort television series. Passport is a project close to his heart: breathtaking solos, a funky Hammond organ sound, and Doldinger’s energetic saxophone melodies make Passport a unique presence in the international jazz world.

Klaus Doldinger – Musical Director, saxophone

Ernst Ströer – percussion

Biboul Darouiche – percussion

Christian Lettner – drums

Michael Hornek – keyboard

Martin Scales – guitar

Patrick Scales – bass


Tickets for the double concert of Bundesjazzorchester and Klaus Doldinger’s Passport:

Kategorie A: 45 €, red. 31 €

Kategorie B: 38 €, red. 26 €

Kategorie C: 30 €, red. 21 €

plus pre-selling fees

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