(Beethoven-Haus| May 30, 2019)

“Cinematic Americana” is a perfect description of Helge Lien und Knut Hem’s music, in which the bitter cold of rural Norway meets the sunny freedom of the American open road, and the melancholy mood of the fjords is joined by the endless loneliness of the canyons. As one of the world’s leading specialists on the Weissenborn slide guitar, Hem coaxes colorful nuances from the instrument, while Lien’s intricate piano playing provides a perfect counterpart. In this music, two musical minds think as one.

Helge Lien – piano
Knut Hem – guitar

Tickets for the double concert of Helge Lien & Knut Hem and Jason Moran:
45 €, red. 32 €
plus pre-selling fees

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