(Bundeskunsthalle | 13.5.2015)

Marilyn Mazur became internationally known in the 1980s at the side of Miles Davis. Since 2008, the Danish percussionist has created a very varied chamber musical tonal fabric with ‘Celestial Circle’. She notes about the foundation of the quartet: “I wanted to create music with air, transparency and spirituality. My aim was to paint the music.” A texture developed, in which she combines the effortlessness of dance and melody with elements of ethnic ritual music in a band context. The drummer is always congenially surrounded in dialogue by the clear voice of the Swedish singer Josefine Cronholm, by the massive bass tone of her compatriot Klavs Hovman and the lyrical ‘piano pearls’ of the Briton John Taylor. A truly ‘celestial circle’.


A captivating temperament on the drums: Marilyn Mazur with airy, spiritual jazz


Josefine Cronholm – vocals

John Taylor – piano

Klavs Hovmanbass

Marilyn Mazurdrums, rhythm and vocals


Ticket prices for the double concert:  Marilyn Mazur’s Celestial Circle / Frederik Köster – Die Verwandlung: 33,- € reduced 25,- € plus fees



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