Mathias Eick has an infallible ear for memorable melodies and a typically Scandinavian feeling for broad, atmospheric spaces. It is easy to see why he is one of the shooting stars of Norwegian jazz. Eick’s new album Ravensburg is dedicated to his family’s roots in the German town of Ravensburg.

In the depths of his music, there is an insistent rhythm to which he adds soaring melodies – in a series of pieces that cumulatively form a kind of collective family portrait.

Mathias Eick – trumpet

Olaf Olsen – drums

Eyolf Dale – piano

Audun Erlien – bass

Håkon Aase – violin


Seating: Seating groups at tables


Tickets for the double concert of Mathias Eick Quintet and Kinga Głyk:

35 €, red. 24 €

plus pre-selling fees


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