(Volksbank-Haus | 10.5.2015)

He is an acrobat on the flute: Michael Heupel from Bonn blasts the tonal frame of everything that has been subsumed under ‘flute’ so far. Among others, Heupel fascinates with his sub counter bass flute, which optically surprises with its pipe length of 3.5 metres, and with which he produces amazing sounds and effects. He reproduces an awe-inspiring spectrum with other flutes as well, up to the piccolo flute. Heupel conjures up landscapes, moods, sound clouds, which capture the audience involuntarily.

Visually and tonally astounding: jazz from alto counter bass flute to piccolo flute


Michael Heupelflute


Ticket prices for the double concert Schiefel & Friedman / Michael Heupel: 28,- € reduced 20,- € plus fees



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