(Volksbank-Haus | 10.5.2015)

Michael Schiefel, who was born in Münster, is an exceptionally gifted solo performer. In the 1990s, Schiefel began vocal experiments with the expressive options of loop machines and other electronics. At the Jazzfest Bonn, he will perform together with the vibraphonist David Friedman: The Berlin jazz legend from the US is more than only a virtuoso on the percussion instrument similar to a clavier. Every sound of Friedman tells a story. From a programmatic point of view, the duo concerts of Schiefel and Friedman are unpredictable: there will be standard jazz pieces, free improvisations and compositions of their own. A musical adventure with impressive vocals and vibrating sound paintings.

A musical journey through the jazz for vibraphone and vocals


Michael SchiefelGesang

David FriedmanVibraphon


Ticket prices for the double concert Schiefel & Friedman / Michael Heupel: 28,- € reduced 20,- €; plus fees


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