(Universität Bonn | 30.4.2016)


Hexentanz, Wunderkammer, and Weltentraum – though he is only 36 years old, these albums have established Michael Wollny’s reputation far beyond Germany’s borders. Wollny’s raucous but rhythmically compelling piano playing is like no one else’s. Much like the Norwegians, though with a very different sound, for him jazz is defined by its unlimited variety of possibilities. In his newest album, Nachtfahrten, Wollny “once again sets off into the darkness, toward things unknown and undefined.” In the broadest sense, Wollny’s goal is “to expand my cosmos, for lack of a better word: to explore and solidify it.” In Bonn, Wollny will present excerpts from Nachtfahrten with Christian Weber on bass and Eric Schaefer, his partner since their days together in the trio [em], on drums.


Michael Wollny – piano

Christian Weber – bass

Eric Schaefer – drums


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