His creative spirit is as electrifying as his playing: Michael Wollny belongs to the international jazz elite. Like few others, the 32-year-old pianist is conversant in interdisciplinary musical aesthetic ideas; he is as familiar with Gustav Mahler as with Thelonius Monk. His trio is the perfect point of departure for wild rides, leisurely excursions, and elegiac fantasies.

Michael Wollny – piano

Christian Weber – bass

Eric Schaefer – drums


Tickets for the double concert of EOS Kammerorchester & Niels Klein Trio and Michael Wollny Trio:

Kategorie A: 40 €, red. 28 €

Kategorie B: 34 €, red. 24 €

Kategorie C: 28 €, red. 19 €

plus pre-selling fees


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