(Telekom-Forum| May 31, 2019)

This big band’s hour of birth was during a semester at Munich’s Hochschule for Music. In 2014, the band was named a “Rising Star” by the critics of Downbeat magazine and “Newcomer of the Year” by Echo Jazz, and was awarded the Bavarian Art Support Prize as well as a stipend from the city of Munich. The core of the band still consists of friends from the group’s early student days. Come and enjoy their big yet easygoing sound somewhere between jazz and rock during their first appearance at Jazzfest Bonn.

Monika Roscher – guitar, vocals
Heiko Liszta, Julian Schunter, Jan Kiesewetter, Jasmin Gundermann
– saxophone
Felix Blum, Angela Avetisyan, Vincent Eberle, John-Dennis Renken
– trumpet
Baron Arnold, Lukas Bamesreiter, Christine Harris, Jakob Grimm
– trombone
Hannes Dieterle – electronic
Victor Alkantara – piano
Ferdinand Roscher – bass
Tom Friedrich – drums

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