The cabaret and music theater Pantheon is located on the grounds of the “Halle Beuel” in the former drama hall. An intimate, loungy place for great entertainment.



Siegburger Str. 42

53229 Bonn



Public transport

“Pantheon” – ehemals Schauspielhalle Beuel

busses: Linien 529, 603, 608, 609 / Night Bus: Linie N4 (Further bus and tram lines from Bonn-Beuel train station – 5 minutes on foot from the Pantheon)




Parking spaces in the courtyard of Siegburger Str. 42 and on the adjacent streets, e.g. on Christian-Kölbach-Str. from which you can also access the Pantheon by foot through the gate at the end of the street.