(Post Tower | 7.5.2015)

The legendary “musician’s musician” Pat Martino will open the Jazzfest 2015. The American guitarist, who had to  learn playing the guitar anew after brain surgery in the 1980s, for the second time in his life astounds both musical laymen and experts “with his perfect technique, sense of sound and an incomparable differentiation” (Jazz Dictionary). He is seen as the gentleman on the guitar, a sophisticated individualist, and he has lastingly formed generations of guitarists. For Martino “Jazz is the continuous pulse of the now” and especially in view of his biography, the meaning of this sentence for the life and art of the modern jazz guitarist becomes evident. Pat Martino – after many years for the first time he is to appear live again in Bonn.

A living legend and a creative individualist on the guitar


Pat Martino – guitar

Pat Bianchiorgan

Carmen Intorre Jr. – drums


Ticket prices for the double concert:  Pat Martino Trio / Ulita Knaus: 40 € / 34 € reduced 35 € / 29 € plus fees



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