Friday, May 12, 2017, 07:00 pm (double concert)

Telekom Forum

Jasmin Tabatabai & David Klein Quartett

(Telekom Forum | May 12, 2017)This famous German actress and singer offers a look into her soul with her album Was sagt man zu den Menschen wenn man traurig ist? Her program features witty yet beautifully intimate songs, accompanied by a superb jazz quartet featuring Swiss saxophonist David Klein.Jasmin Tabatabai – vocals David Klein – saxophone Olaf Polziehn – piano Davide Petrocca – bass Peter Gall – drums ... read more »


(Telekom Forum | May 12, 2017)Funky, laid-back, relaxed, and cool: Jazzkantine offers up party music combining jazz, soul, and German rap. In Bonn, this band from Braunschweig will present their program Old’s Cool that recalls the music of the 1990s.Cappuccino aka Captain Cappu – rap Tachion aka T-Rex – rap Christian Eitner aka Grandmaster Chriz – bass Tom Bennecke aka aTOMic Bee – guitar Andy Lindner aka AL Funky – drums Christian W... read more »

Saturday, May 13, 2017, 07:00 pm (double concert)

Universität Bonn, Aula

WDR Big Band Köln, Bob Mintzer & Mike Mainieri

(Universität Bonn | May 13, 2017)The fusion band Steps Ahead was one of the Super Groups of the 1980s with its joyous and unrestrained love of experimentation. Now, Mike Mainieri and Bob Mintzer, two of the Founding Fathers of Steps Ahead, join with the internationally acclaimed WDR Big Band to explore new dimensions of sound. Mike Mainieri – vibraphone Bob Mintzer –  saxophone, arrangement, lead Johan Hörlen, Karolina Strassmayer, Olivier... read more »

China Moses

(Universität Bonn | May 13, 2017)China Moses, daughter of jazz legend Dee Dee Bridgewater, presents her newest program, Nightingtales. Witty, entertaining, and lively, China Moses creates a powerful mix of jazz, soul, and R&B.China Moses – vocals Luigi Grasso – saxophone Joe Armon – keyboard Luke Wynter – bass Marijus Aleksa – drums ... read more »

Sunday, May 14, 2017, 07:00 pm (double concert)

Universität Bonn, Aula

Niels Klein – Tubes & Wires

(Universität Bonn | May 14, 2017)Tubes & Wires is the latest project from Cologne artist Niels Klein. By attaching his instruments to various little boxes with blinking lights, he creates fascinating spherical sound structures blending jazz, rock, and indie musical styles.Niels Klein –  clarinets electronics Lars Duppler –  rhodes, analogue synthesizer, harmonium Hanno Busch – guitars bass Jonas Burgwinkel – drums &nbs... read more »

Rebekka Bakken

(Universität Bonn | May 14, 2017)Rebekka Bakken is one of the most distinctive female jazz vocalists in Europe. She is a master of the sensuous colors of the blues, but traces of soul, folk, or even country are never far away. Most Personal, her “greatest hits” album, appeared in 2016. In Bonn, Rebekka will perform some of this material as well as a number of new songs.Rebekka Bakken – vocals, piano Jesper Nordenström – piano, key Nils-... read more »

Thursday, May 18, 2017, 07:00 pm (double concert)

Post Tower

John Patitucci Electric Guitar Quartet

(Post Tower | May 18, 2017)A breakthrough artist on his instrument, John Patitucci is one of the most influential jazz bass players of our time. With his electric bass in Bonn, Patitucci – accompanied by two virtuoso guitarists and a drummer – will travel back to the Brooklyn of his childhood, the place where he first became acquainted with rock, pop, funk, and blues.John Patitucci – electric bass Adam Rogers – guitar Steve Cardenas – g... read more »

Viktoria Tolstoy Quartet

(Post Tower | May 18, 2017)Viktoria Tolstoy is a natural talent. This internationally celebrated jazz singer’s voice is vibrant, powerful, and marvelously wild. Her concert in Bonn features excerpts from her new album and is dedicated to the charismatic female singers of film music.Viktoria Tolstoy – vocals Krister Jonsson – guitar Mattias Svensson – bass Rasmus Kihlberg – drums  ... read more »

Friday, May 19, 2017, 07:00 pm (double concert)


Christopher Dell Trio ­– DRA

(Brotfabrik | May 19, 2017)Since 1998, the ensemble DRA has developed a unique form of contemporary music with a large element of improvisation. The trio is at home in Berlin and Cologne. Their third CD, 3rd Critique, takes the group’s musical explorations to a new level.Christopher Dell – vibraphone, composition Christian Ramond – bass Felix Astor – drums  ... read more »

Heiner Schmitz ­– Organic Underground

(Brotfabrik | May 19, 2017)The composer and saxophone player Heiner Schmitz founded the Organic Underground project in 2016, and his pieces for the group are written for both the head and the heart – as well as for dancing feet! This promises to be an evening full of energy, memorable melodies, and astute improvisations.Heiner Schmitz – saxophone, composition Ludwig Nuss – trombone John Hondorp – hammond B3 Martin Feske – guitar Ralf ... read more »

Saturday, May 20, 2017, 07:00 pm (double concert)

Haus der Geschichte

Kurt Rosenwinkel – Bandit 65

(Haus der Geschichte | May 20, 2017)Bandit 65 is a trio of breathtaking virtuosity, great power, boundless breadth, and astounding beauty. Kurt Rosenwinkel explores the intersection of guitars, rhythms, electronics, soundscapes, free improvisation, and telepathic interplay. Fascinating!Kurt Rosenwinkel – guitar, electronics Tim Motzer – guitar, electronics Gintas Janusonis – drums, percussion... read more »

Hildegard Lernt Fliegen

(Haus der Geschichte | May 20, 2017)Hildegard Lernt Fliegen: this Swiss band’s concerts are a full-throttle theatrical attack on musical preconceptions, animated by the exuberant imagination of bandleader Andreas Schaerer. With their third album, the members of the band hope to encourage listeners to become aware of outdated listening habits and move beyond them.Andreas Schaerer – voice Andreas Tschopp – trumbone, tuba Benedikt Reising ... read more »

Sunday, May 21, 2017, 07:00 pm (double concert)


Julia Kadel

(Volksbank-Haus | May 21, 2017)Highly praised by German and international critics, this exciting young pianist will play a solo program in Bonn. The dynamic groove of her modern jazz improvisations combines impulsivity with virtuosity, abstract compositional imagination, and boisterous enthusiasm. Beautiful music, intelligently presented.Julia Kadel – piano    ... read more »

Bossarenova Trio

(Volksbank-Haus | May 21, 2017)The Bossarenova Trio dares to build bridges between cultures. Their music unites classical European art song with the emotionally vibrant rhythms of South America.Paula Morelenbaum – vocals Joo Kraus – trumpet, beatbox Ralf Schmid – piano, electronics   ... read more »

Monday, 22. May 2017, 07:00 pm


Brad Mehldau Trio

(Opernhaus | May 22, 2017)Brad Mehldau succeeds in his music as few others have in breaking down established formal models, developing them further, and presenting them in a fresh and individual light. With his own compositions as well as sensitive interpretations of standards and pop classics, Mehldau and his trio have perfected the art of musical storytelling with unmistakable references to the music of the past.Brad Mehldau – piano La... read more »

Wednesday, May 24, 2017, 07:00 pm (double concert)

Beethoven-Haus Bonn

Olivia Trummer & Jean-Lou Treboux

(Beethoven-Haus | May 24, 2017)Olivia Trummer’s latest album is called Classical to Jazz one. With infectious enthusiasm and refreshing authenticity, Trummer and Treboux present jazz arrangements inspired by the classical piano works of composers such as Bach, Mozart, and Scarlatti.Olivia Trummer – piano, vocals Jean-Lou Treboux – vibraphone   ... read more »

Roger Hanschel & Auryn Quartet

(Beethoven-Haus | May 24, 2017)14 years after his first collaboration with the Auryn Quartett, Roger Hanschel has again created a program for saxophone and string quartet. Niederschlagsmengen brings together pre-composed material for string quartet with free improvisations by the saxophone.Roger Hanschel – saxophone Matthias Lingenfelder – violin Jens Oppermann – violin Stewart Eaton – viola Andreas Arndt – violoncello &... read more »

Thursday, May 25, 2017, 07:00 pm (double concert)


Neil Cowley Trio

(LVR-LandesMuseum | May 25, 2017)This band is one of the most exciting new discoveries on the current British jazz scene. Though the instrumentation of the Neil Cowley Trio is conventional, the music has “big muscles,” as Die Zeit recently put it. This is bold yet entertaining jazz able to excite new listeners and experts alike.Neil Cowley – piano Rex Horan – double bass Clive Deamer – drums Dom Monks – keys, FX  ... read more »

Rita Marcotulli & Luciano Biondini

(LVR-LandesMuseum | May 25, 2017)The power of melody is the unifying element in the music of pianist Rita Marcotulli and the accordion player Luciano Biondini. Jazz, classical music, and Italian song flow together in a virtuoso fashion in their album La Strada Invisibile.Rita Marcotulli – piano Luciano Biondini – accordeon  ... read more »

Friday, May 26, 2017, 07:00 pm (double concert)

LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn

Laura Totenhagen Quartet

(LVR-LandesMuseum | May 26, 2017)With her crystal-clear yet mature voice, Laura Totenhagen is one of the new discoveries at Jazzfest Bonn 2017. Her quartet brings an intimate atmosphere to original material and jazz standards like Strange Meadowlark or Whisper Not. This is a young singer with a very bright future.Laura Totenhagen – vocals Felix Hauptmann – piano Stefan Schönegg – bass Leif Berger – drums ... read more »

Omer Klein Trio

(LVR-LandesMuseum | May 26, 2017)The Omer Klein Trio is one of the most exhilarating young ensembles in Europe today. Omer Klein, who was born in Israel and lives in Germany, is a captivating and audacious pianist. With their new album Sleepwalkers, this trio is headed for the big leagues of jazz.Omer Klein – piano Haggai Cohen-Milo – bass Amir Bresler – drums... read more »

Saturday, May 27, 2017, 07:00 pm (double concert)


Ellen Andrea Wang Trio

(Bundeskunsthalle | May 27, 2017)This 28-year-old musician from Oslo is an unusual artist: she plays acoustical bass and sings with a clear and powerful voice. Her singing conveys an enormously positive and infectious energy, full of the spirit of jazz and enthusiastically supported by the musicians of her trio.Ellen Andrea Wang –  vocals, doublebass, composer Jon Balke – piano, keyboards Erland Dahlen – drums... read more »

Marius Neset Quartet

(Bundeskunsthalle | May 27, 2017)The Norwegian Marius Neset was the only artist living in Europe included by the US magazine DOWNBEAT in its 2016 “25 FOR THE FUTURE” list of young and upcoming musicians that will shape the future of jazz. With his quartet, the young saxophone player will play his own compositions as well as familiar standards, unfolding new and previously unheard dimensions of melodic and beautiful sounds.Marius Neset – s... read more »