Friday, May 17, 2019, 08:00 pm (double concert)


Lisa Wulff Quartett

(Opernhaus | May 17, 2019)The Lisa Wulff Quartet is one of the most promising groups of the newer jazz generation. Based in Hamburg, this young bass player has put together a versatile quartet of idiosyncratic musicians who bring exciting individual colors to her compositions. This band has no creative inhibitions and an infallible instinct for vibrant music with harmonic surprises.Lisa Wulff – bass Martin Terens – piano Adrian Hanack – saxop... read more »

Quasthoff Quartett

(Oper | May 17, 2019)These four musicians are known throughout the world as the finest in their field. With heartfelt feeling, stylistic mastery, and musical depth, baritone Thomas Quasthoff presents personal interpretations of classic songs such as Body and Soul, Moonglow, and You Are So Beautiful. Grand emotions with a clear message from one of the most beautiful voices of our time, accompanied by his “Trio incroyable”.Thomas Quasthoff – vo... read more »

Saturday, May 18, 2019, 01:00 pm


Open-air concert and democracy festival

(Marktplatz| May 18, 2019)Celebrate 10 years of Jazzfest Bonn and 70 years of Grundgesetz with us!On Saturday, May 18, you will experience jazz in a great variety, free of charge and outside.For the first time the Jazzfest Bonn is organising an open-air concert on Bonn's market square. At the same time, the Federal City of Bonn is celebrating a democracy festival.The programme will be opened at 12 a.m. by Mayor Ashok Sridharan and other p... read more »

Saturday, May 18, 2019, 07:00 pm (double concert)

Telekom Forum

Eric Schaefer – Kyoto mon Amour

(Bundeskunsthalle | May 18, 2019)Eric Schaefer is a musician whose creative spirit can always be trusted. His vital and intelligent music is constantly surprising. Schaefer spent three months in the old Japanese imperial city of Kyoto in 2012. The result is a musical bridge between Japan and the West, with nostalgic Koto melodies alongside sparkling and energetic improvisations.Eric Schaefer – drums Kazutoki Umezu – clarinet Naoko Kikuchi – k... read more »

Joe Lovano Trio Tapestry

(Bundeskunsthalle | May 18, 2019)Grammy winner Joe Lovano and two of his oldest musical friends will perform in Bonn for the first time. This titan of the tenor saxophone will play new compositions that he describes as “some of my most intimate” and “very personal”.Joe Lovano – saxophone Marilyn Crispell – piano Carmen Castaldi – drums... read more »

Sunday, May 19, 2019, 07:00 pm (double concert)


Riccardo Del Fra – Moving People

(Pantheon| May 19, 2019)The music of Riccardo Del Fras is lyrical with a clear folk aesthetic. This Italian bass player is one of the most important names in the European jazz scene. In his early years, he was a popular sideman in the bands of artists like Dizzy Gillespie, Art Farmer, and Chet Baker. His project Moving People is concerned with themes such as migration and the coexistence of human frailty with the powerful optimistic energy of l... read more »

Shake Stew

(Pantheon| May 19, 2019) The goal of Lukas Kranzelbinder, creative leader of the band Shake Stew, is the generation of eruptive energy. The Austrian bass player and six powerful musical personalities came together to form a group that European critics are celebrating as the most important discovery of recent years. Energetic trance-like rhythms forge ahead while intricate sound tapestries open spaces for creative solos. Gorgeous!Lukas Kranzelbi... read more »

Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 07:00 pm (double concert)



(Brotfabrik| May 21, 2019)“Do what you like!” is the motto of this young band. Drummer Jo Beyer from Cologne invited three of his favorite musicians to join him in this quartet that performs both complex but approachable compositions which are fun to listen to. Energetic contemporary jazz with lots of room for future developments.Jo Beyer – drums Roman Babik – piano Sven Decker – saxophone Andreas Wahl – guitar... read more »

Jean-Paul Bourelly Trio

(Brotfabrik| May 21, 2019)Shifting tirelessly between tradition, mainstream, avant-garde, and rock, Jean-Paul Bourelly is one of the best-kept secrets in the pantheon of guitar masters, known for his work with Miles Davis and Cassandra Wilson. Kiss The Sky, the current project of this American musician with Haitian roots, is devoted to the music of his idol Jimi Hendrix. Bourelly will be joined in Bonn by drummer Kenny Martin and Daryl Taylor o... read more »

Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 07:00 pm (double concert)


Tobias Hoffmann Trio

(Brotfabrik| May 22, 2019)The Tobias Hoffmann Trio reinterprets classics and standards from many different epochs and genres. This group has no need to cross musical borders; it shows us that these borders do not exist. Hoffmann’s explosive guitar playing has deep and complex roots in jazz, blues, rock, and 1960’s surf music. It wails, chatters, quotes, howls, and rejoices!Tobias Hoffmann – guitar, banjo Frank Schönhofer – bass Etienne Nilles... read more »

Lucia Cadotsch – Speak Low

(Brotfabrik| May 22, 2019)Lucia Cadotsch’s direct and unpretentious singing makes her a favorite of critics and audiences alike. In Bonn, she will present innovative interpretations of jazz standards with two masters of retro-futurism, Petter Eldh on bass and Otis Sandsjö on tenor saxophone. The combination of her enchantingly beautiful voice with the unmistakable urban sound of her trio is magical.Lucia Cadotsch – vocals Otis Sandsjö – saxop... read more »

Thursday, May 23, 2019, 07:00 pm (double concert)


Of Cabbages And Kings

(Volksbank-Haus| May 23, 2019)Of Cabbages and Kings is the fairytale name of an exciting neo-a-cappella group made up of four young women who met as members of BuJazzO, the German national youth orchestra for jazz. The group has been touring for more than three years, and is marked by the diverse backgrounds and shared experiences of the four singers as well as the impressive range and volume of their voices.Veronika Morscher – vocals Zola Me... read more »

Miroslav Vitouš & Emil Viklický

(Volksbank-Haus| May 23, 2019)Miroslav Vitouš was one of the founding members of Weather Report, and has played with Chick Corea, Herbie Mann, and Stan Getz. Pianist Emil Viklický is an ideal partner for Vitouš’s virtuoso bass playing. Their music is characterized by creative experimentation and improvisational freedom along with traces of the music of their Czech homeland.Miroslav Vitouš – bass Emil Viklický – piano... read more »

Friday, May 24, 2019, 07:00 pm (double concert)


Manu Katché – The Scope

(Oper| May 24, 2019)The elegance and power of his playing have made him one of the most sought-after drummers of our time. In the 1980s, he was already rocking with superstars like Sting and Peter Gabriel. This sensitive drummer has an uncanny sense for groove and transparency.Manu Katché – drums Patrick Manouguian – guitar Jerome Regard – bass Elvin Galland – keysTickets for the double concert of Manu Katché and Jazzrausch Bigband: Kategor... read more »

Jazzrausch Bigband

(Oper | May 24, 2019)This band will bring you to your feet! JRBB is a professional ensemble from Munich that moves between the worlds of techno and big band. As the world’s first and only resident big band of a techno club (Harry Klein in Munich), they have an unrivalled ability to mix creative experimentation with the high standards of urban nightlife. Pure musical ecstasy, guaranteed to make you want to dance!Frederik Mademann – saxoph... read more »

Saturday, May 25, 2019, 07:00 pm (triple concert)


Florian Weber Quartett

(Telekom-Forum| May 25, 2019)Where are things happening in jazz today? In Europe? In the USA? The pianist and composer Florian Weber integrates the best of both worlds. He is one of the most promising talents in the European jazz scene, and his music, highly sophisticated but open to individual creativity, is admired by jazz players on the other side of the Atlantic. It is no wonder, then, that three of these musicians decided to join the proje... read more »

WDR Big Band with Bob Mintzer presents Louis Cole & Genevieve Artadi of Knower

(Telekom-Forum| May 25, 2019)The WDR Big Band like you never heard it before: the respected ensemble will work together with Knower for the first time, a duo for electronic music founded in 2010 that has become an international Internet sensation with viral videos, discographies, and audio-visual live projects. The creative mastermind of this collaboration with the WDR Big Band is Bob Mintzer, who once again reveals his ability to bring diffe... read more »

Tower of Power

(Telekom-Forum| May 25, 2019)We have waited a long time for Tower of Power to come to Bonn: this ten-member Funk band from Oakland, California invented and continues to define the genre of Urban Soul Music. Founded in 1968, Tower of Power is famous for its spectacular brass section and for singer and tenor sax player Emilio Castillo’s complex but always danceable arrangements. Influences from soul, jazz, funk, and rock merge to form something... read more »

Sunday, May 26, 2019, 07:00 pm (double concert)


Julia Hülsmann Oktett

(Universität | May 26, 2019)An octet is an unusual formation in jazz circles, but it is the perfect vehicle for the delicate sound painting of pianist Julia Hülsmann. When three voices and two different trios come together, the result is mesmerizing. This international group of artists displays the passion with which Julia Hülsmann’s music grows out of the human voice. This is music of sublime depth and breadth, as well as great intelligence.... read more »


(Universität | May 26, 2019)The Yellowjackets are a US-American fusion band. Originally part of the Robben Ford Group, their sound has continually evolved and developed. Russell Ferrante’s compositions are one of their trademarks, with infectious melodies accompanied by a creative rhythm section. Raising Our Voice is the Yellowjackets’ latest album, which listeners in Bonn will be able to hear live for the first time.Bob Mintzer – saxoph... read more »

Tuesday, May 28, 2018, 07:00 pm (double concert)

Post Tower - sold out

Kyle Eastwood Quintet

(Post Tower | May 28, 2019)He is a gifted bass player and an accomplished composer – and, yes, he’s also Clint Eastwood’s son. Kyle Eastwood is the musical composer for many of his father’s films and as a bandleader has released nine albums with his own compositions. His music combines jazz with influences from pop, rock, and funk. His current program, In Transit, interprets timeless classics with melodic elegance and tight grooves.Kyle Eastw... read more »

Web Web plus Special Guest Joy Denalane

(Post Tower | May 28, 2019)He is a gifted bass player and an accomplished composer – and, yes, he’s also Clint Eastwood’s son. Kyle Eastwood has composed music for many of his father’s films and as a bandleader has released nine albums with his own compositions. His music combines jazz with influences from pop, rock, and funk. His current program, In Transit, interprets timeless classics with melodic elegance and tight grooves.Roberto Di... read more »

Thursday, May 30, 2019, 07:00 pm (double concert)


Helge Lien & Knut Hem

(Beethoven-Haus| May 30, 2019)“Cinematic Americana” is a perfect description of Helge Lien und Knut Hem’s music, in which the bitter cold of rural Norway meets the sunny freedom of the American open road, and the melancholy mood of the fjords is joined by the endless loneliness of the canyons. As one of the world’s leading specialists on the Weissenborn slide guitar, Hem coaxes colorful nuances from the instrument, while Lien’s intricate pian... read more »

Jason Moran

(Beethoven-Haus| May 30, 2019)Jason Moran began to play the piano at the age of six, but he gradually lost interest in the instrument until he heard jazz legend Thelonius Monk. Monk is still Moran’s musical role model – he not only reawakened Moran’s love of the piano, but also gave him the courage to innovate and question received ways of thinking. Jason Moran’s music is wonderfully touching. In it, an awareness of tradition and the urge for s... read more »

Friday, May 31, 2019, 07:00 pm (double concert)


Monika Roscher Bigband

(Telekom-Forum| May 31, 2019)This big band’s hour of birth was during a semester at Munich’s Hochschule for Music. In 2014, the band was named a “Rising Star” by the critics of Downbeat magazine and “Newcomer of the Year” by Echo Jazz, and was awarded the Bavarian Art Support Prize as well as a stipend from the city of Munich. The core of the band still consists of friends from the group’s early student days. Come and enjoy their big yet easygo... read more »

Samy Deluxe & Florian Weber

(Telekom-Forum| May 31, 2019)Samy Deluxe, one of Germany's most successful rappers, will give a guest appearance with jazz pianist Florian Weber at the Telekom Forum on Friday, May 31. Unique flows, rap for nodding your head and dancing, for reflection and celebration - accompanied by a pianist who is one of the best in the German jazz scene. The duo will complement the existing programme with a 20-minute performance and present elementary el... read more »


(Telekom-Forum| May 31, 2019)When the song Garden Party achieved worldwide fame in 1983, the members of the Icelandic group Mezzoforte were still practically children. Though the commercial success came as a total surprise, the group has gone on to become the most important Fusion band in Europe. With a mix of original members and new blood, Mezzoforte maintains an exciting level of energy and innovation. The album Islands documents the group’s... read more »