(Universität Bonn, Aula | 9.5.2015)

Composer and pianist Stefan Schultze and his Large Ensemble present experimental big band. From a musical point of view, Schultze, who won the WDR Jazz Prize in 2010, is difficult to grasp; the artist from Cologne tries to compose and play without stereotyped thinking between traditional hints and whimsical advances. For him the joy and the power of making music with a large ensemble are at the forefront, as is the non-pigeonholeable openness of the members and the simultaneous non-commitment to a specific style. Schulze has been working for five years on the new programme that he and his ensemble will present at the Jazzfest – and it can be seen as a sample of Schultze’s activities in the past years.

Jazz without stereotyped thinking and with the full big band sound


Heiner Wibernysaxophone

Florian Trübsbachsaxophone

Uli Kempendorffsaxophone

Peter Ehwaldsaxophone

Heiko Bidmon – saxophone

Benny Browntrumpet

Florian Menzel trumpet

Bastian Stein – trumpet

John-Dennis Renkentrumpet

Simon Harrer trombone

Felix Frommtrombone

Janning Trumanntrombone

Stephan Schulzetrombone

Martin Schulterhythm group

Jürgen Friedrichrhythm group

Matthias Akeo Nowakrhythm group

Daniel Schröteler rhythm group

Stefan Schultze – composition



Ticket prices for the double concert Lizz Wright / Stefan Schultze – Large Ensemble: 40,- € reducec 32,- € plus fees


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