(Brotfabrik | 29.4.2016)


Since their youngest days, the brothers Dietmar and Wolfgang Fuhr have played together in many different groups and formations. Their current project, “The Fuhr Brothers”, is dedicated to the German jazz tradition. In collaboration with Wolfgang Dauner, Gerd Dudek, and Manfred Schoof, the two brothers chose and arranged the pieces that they then recorded in the Deutschlandfunk’s chamber music hall in Cologne. With Albert Mangelsdorff’s complex “Hot Hut”, Wolfgang Dauner’s polyrhythmic “Steps of M.C. Escher”, Gerd Dudek’s “Green Table Speech” with its angular chord progressions, and their own arrangement of the old German folk song “Ich armes Mägdelein” [“What a Poor Maid Am I“], the Fuhr Brothers show just how lively, independent, and varied the music of pioneering German jazz masters still sounds today.


Wolfgang Fuhr – saxophone

Dietmar Fuhr – bass

Norbert Scholly – guitar

Jens Düppe – drums


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