(Telekom-Forum| May 25, 2019)

We have waited a long time for Tower of Power to come to Bonn: this ten-member Funk band from Oakland, California invented and continues to define the genre of Urban Soul Music. Founded in 1968, Tower of Power is famous for its spectacular brass section and for singer and tenor sax player Emilio Castillo’s complex but always danceable arrangements. Influences from soul, jazz, funk, and rock merge to form something amazing. Bravo!

Band personnel to be announced.

Tickets for the triple concert of Florian Weber Quartett, WDR Big Band feat. Knower and Tower of Power:
Kategorie A: 58 €, red. 40 €
Kategorie B: 48 €, red. 33 €
Kategorie C: 39 €, red. 27 €
plus pre-selling fees



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