(Bundeskunsthalle | 15.5.2015) The profile of the WDR Big Band, a ‘cultural orchestra’, as a band specialising in premières is defined through the constant development and performance of new programmes within a stylistically broad range. At the same time, the internationally cast big band has a special relationship to European traditions, especially to jazz ‘made in Europe’. Now the band goes on tour with French trumpeter Erik Truffaz. ‘Face to Face’ is the title of their joint project, in which the music by Erik Truffaz is transferred to the WDR Big Band. All titles are arrangements of his compositions, and at the same time the great trumpeter will himself act as a soloist.


‘Face to Face’. Masterly trumpet with electronic and groovy big band sound


Erik Truffaz trumpet

Stefan Behrischleader and arrangements

Johan Hörlen alto saxophone

Karolina Strassmayer alto saxophone

Olivier Peters tenor saxophone

Paul Heller tenor saxophone

Jens Neufangbaritone saxophone

Wim Both  trumpet

Rob Bruynen – trumpet

Andy Haderer  trumpet

Ruud Breuls  trumpet

John Marshall – trumpet

Ludwig Nuss – trombone

Shannon Barnett – trombone

Andy Hunter – trombone

Mattis Cederbergbass trombone

Paul Shigiharaguitar

John Goldsbybass

Frank Chastenierpiano

Hans Dekkerdrums

Ticket prices for the double concert WDR Big Band & E. Truffaz / Franco Ambrosetti Sextet: 40,- € reduced 32,- € plus fees



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